GePG Help Desk System Training November 8, 2018

GePG Help Desk System Training

The internal training for GePG Help Desk System was organized by Ministry of Finance and Planning. It aimed to expand number of Help Desk Staffs by training new nine (9) staffs to increase capacity building especially in area of Customer support. The training conducted at Sub Treasury Conference in Morogoro, from 26th November, 2018 to 5th December, 2018.

The training is among continuous effort done by GePG Team to improve Service and Customers Support to their Stakeholders. The new system allows customer support for 24 hours every day. The System allows the registered customers (GePG System Users) to interact with the system by logging and sending the request for a service or report an incident by use of the reference ticket number that are generated by system.

The new platform acts as focal point where by all enquires/request from customers are properly handled, traced and easily managed. The platform improves the old way of reporting the GePG problems that was based on whom you know at GePG Team to report an incident or request a service.

According to GePG Operating Procedures (SOP), every Service Providers (SP) and Payment Service Providers (PSP)’s Admins are responsible for supporting their internal users regarding GePG operation as Level 1 support. In case they encounter issues that need to be escalated to GePG, they communicate with Level 2 Support which is help desk at GePG Customer Center Service. At this level, every reported incident assigned a reference number by opening a ticket for troubleshooting the specific issue. The reported incident can be resolved within level 2 or escalated to higher level of support (Level 2 – back office or Level 3 – Core Technical Team) before customers receive feedback and closure of the ticket/issue.

The GePG Help Desk system allows the ticket to be created by registered user via: E-mail, Phone or Web portal through these address.
The URL for Web portal:
Call Center: Mobile: 255 714 927 494 or +255 787 626 502.

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