Government Electronic Payment Gateway (Gateway) is a centralized system, connected to all available electronic revenue collection channels for the process of facilitating electronic money transactions from the public to the Government and vice versa.


The Government of United Republic of Tanzania through the Ministry of Finance and Planning (MOFP) implemented GePG in order to improve the revenue collection management. The system intends to standardize revenue collection practices within the Government and its institutions as well as increase visibility of the transactions at all stages of the collection process.

The GePG system operations are based in the statutory requirements under the Public Finance Act 2001 as amended by the Finance Act 2017, which specifically provides that all public money shall be collected electronically through the GePG system. Further, the provision mandates the accounting officers to ensure that the collection of public money through the GePG is conducted in a manner prescribed in the regulations developed under the Act. MOFP through the Treasury Circular No. 3 dated 4 September 2017 operationalized the requirement by advising the Permanent Secretaries to ensure that all Government revenue are collected through GePG in compliance with the requirements of the Finance Act 2001 (as amended).


The main objective is establishment of an optimal e-payment gateway platform that will improve government revenue collection by adopting electronic means. The solution will also offer mechanism that will ensure revenue information are visible to the Government at real time.

Business Goal

The business goals of Government Electronic Payment Gateway (GePG) is to take advantage of available payment technologies to facilitate affordable and standardized government revenue collection that ensure visibility at real time.