Closing of GePG Annual Summit -2018 October 7, 2018

Closing of GePG Annual Summit -2018

The GePG Annual Summit-2018 that was organized by Ministry of Finance and Planning took place 12th December, 2018 to 14th December, 2018 at Ministry of Finace and Planning, Dodoma. The Summit involved representatives from both Service Providers (Ministries, Departments and Agencies) and Payments Service that their Institutions have already connected and using GePG system to collect Public money by November, 2018.
The Summit was closed by the Guest of Honor, Minister of Finance and Planning, Hon. Dr. Philip Isdol Mpango on 14th December, 2018.
In his Speech, Hon.Dr. Mpango congratulated all those who have participated in preparing and implementing the Summit and all the participants that their Institutions uses GePG system in accordance with the Financial Act 2001 as amended by the Finance Act 2017, which specifically provides that all public monies shall be collected electronically through the GePG system.
Dr. Mpango highlighted that, through GePG Annual Summit – 2018) participants from different Institutions got opportunity to stay with a team of experts managing the GePG System and discussing various issues to improve the performance of the system. Also, he added that, the GePG team got feedbacks from different users of the system which will help to improve the performance of the system.
Furthermore, Dr. Mpango reminded participant on the useful discussion concerning many advantages of the GePG System in collecting and managing Public money ; which includes:
• Increasing transparency and control in the collection of Public money.
• Improving and simplifying how to pay for Public services.
• Reducing costs associated with the collection of public revenue.

On the other hand, Hon.Dr. Mpango emphasized on the following areas:

  • All Public Institutions to integrate their systems with the GePG System and to ensure that all Public monies in their institutions collected through GePG system before 30 June, 2019 as was directed, and not only pass the part of collections that they collect.
  • All Public Institutions to use the GePG system in accordance with all procedures provided by the Ministry of Finance and Planning. Also by ensuring that, reconciliations for all transactions are performed and at right time.
  • All Public Institutions use GePG’s opportunity to think about new collection opportunities to increase collections especially for non-tax revenue.

Lastly, he congratulated all institutions that allowed their representatives to participate in the important Summit that eventually will increase efficiency and performance especially by providing better services to all citizens.

For more Details Download the Full Speech –Swahili Version (GePG Annual Summit Closing Speech- By Dr. Mpango)